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2 - RAG DOLL mma movie by Bailey Kobe di



As a growing Writer/Director, Kobe has worked under industry greats including legendary executive Gareth Wigan (Star Wars, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Marvel directors, the Russo Brothers (Arrested Development, Community, Captain America, Avengers). Given his background as an English major before film school, he loves novel adaptation, successfully adapting novels and plays for studio projects of Madame Tussaud, Nobel Prize winner Muhammed Yunus, and several others - He is currently adapting an Oprah’s Top Booklist novel for the screen after placing a pilot screenplay as a finalist at Sundance.

His work has been featured in a 12-page spread in Sound and Picture magazine for his visual flair, as well as Splash Magazine, LA Parent. LA-ist, Geek Rebellion, The Boston Globe, Vimeo Staff Picks, Nowness, Funny or Die front page, HULU most-popular for several months, and an iTUNES front-page top-selling feature film.




Aymae Sulick is an LA-based cinematographer who has shot award-winning films, documentaries, television shows, and commercials for nearly 20 years. Her work has aired on networks that include PBS, CBS, and ESPN, and has screened at numerous festivals.  She earned her MFA from the USC School of Cinematic Arts. She is happiest when immersed in visual storytelling and is trying to change the world one film at a time.




Shannon has studied the film industry and acting in all of the major markets in the country - Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York City, Los Angeles, New Orleans and Atlanta. Her passion and drive are what led her to find the script of "Rag Doll" and her warrior spirit keeps her fighting to achieve her goals. 

Scott Tang - Composer Headshot.jpg



Los Angeles-based composer Scott Tang began writing music at the age of 9, received his B.A. in Music from UC Berkeley, and embarked on a musical journey that has crossed cultures and genres. He is passionate about creating unique musical identities for films, drawing from a wide range of musical influences, from late 19th-century classical, American and Chinese folk, Japanese animated film scores and ambient electronic music.


His most recent indie feature “Rag Doll” was submitted to the Sundance Film Festival and employs a combination of hybrid scoring, synthesizers and sound design. He also co-composed the score for “Alternate Ego,” which was entered into the HBO Asian Pacific Visionaries Short Film competition. He is currently working with Gadget-Bot Productions on their in-development science fiction animated series “Kaidro: The Awakening.” The music for “Kaidro” blends Western orchestral arrangements with ambient soundscapes and Asian/Middle Eastern instrumentation.


Whether living in a Buddhist temple to learn about the Hong Kong music scene or performing at coffee shops and organizing hip hop shows, Scott has been witness time and again to the power of music, and has worked hard to distill and unify his experiences into a compelling musical language. Ultimately, being a composer has become not just a way to express himself, but a way to connect with others.

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